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Committee for Dandenong Strategic Agenda 2016


The Committee for Dandenong has a strategic agenda for 2016 – 2019. It includes priorities for investment, growth, jobs and innovation.


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An agenda for action.


C4D will vigorously pursue our vision through actions based on four key agendas, in close collaboration with our regional stakeholder partners.

Agenda 1: Smart Manufacturing and Innovation

Agenda 2: Dandenong as the Regional Capital for the South-East

Agenda 3: Transport Infrastructure

Agenda 4: Social Inclusion, Health and Wellbeing

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Promoting Dandenong’s Positive Image

Dandenong’s image continually needs to be accurately portrayed. This involves telling the many good stories at both business and community level beyond Dandenong’s borders.

Supporting Positive Transport Solutions

Transport issues such as the Remington Drive overpass, Rail grade separation and the Port of Hastings are all items supported by the Committee.

Revitalizing Dandenong’s CBD

Ensuring that the Centre of Dandenong continues to develop with long term opportunities being seized such as education institutions and speciality traders, such as suitable commercial, community and recreational developments and location of professional service providers.

Working with Business and the Community

To support Dandenong’s development by promoting greater engagement of business with the community.


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