Remington Drive Overpass

The Committee for Dandenong is delighted that the City of Greater Dandenong and the Andrews Government have followed through on plans to make the Remington Drive overpass a reality.

The State Labour Government made an election promise to remove 50 level crossings and the Abbotts Road level crossing must, in the Committee for Dandenong’s opinion, be an absolute priority.

However, the Committee for Dandenong is even more pleased that a common sense approach appears to be taking shape with both the City for Greater Dandenong, Vic Roads and the State Government addressing the Abbotts Road level crossing issue through the commitment to build the long awaited and planned Remington Drive overpass.

As set out in our previous media release dated 8 April 2013, which you can read here, the congestion in and around Abbotts Road is a huge negative impact upon productivity in the area and often creates gridlock on a twice daily basis. However, much more important is the loss of life that has occurred at the Crossing over the last decade.

Although the overpass at Remington Drive will not fix all of the congestion issues associated with the Dandenong South traffic area, it is a wonderful start and is something that the State Government and our own City Council should be applauded for.

The Committee for Dandenong is also aware that officers from the City of Greater Dandenong have been preparing further work in relation to east/west connections from the Dandenong Bypass on to the Monash Freeway as well as development of traffic solutions in the Glasscocks Road area.

Council and its officers should be recognised for their commitment to the important issue of traffic in Dandenong South and the Committee for Dandenong looks forward to bringing to reality improvements in the area.

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