The Committee for Dandenong has worked with key local stakeholders to develop a strategic agenda for 2016 – 2019. It includes priorities for investment, growth, jobs and innovation. They include:

Agenda 1: Smart Manufacturing and Innovation Melbourne’s South East is one of Australia’s largest and most vibrant manufacturing, innovation and technology precincts and has tremendous potential for further growth and advancement to enhance Australia’s global competitiveness. Importantly, it offers the greatest opportunity for providing much-needed new jobs for the thousands of new residents moving into the Casey-Cardinia growth corridor. Establishing closer links between educators, R&D institutions, industry experts and businesses is also vital for the region’s future prosperity and improving employment prospects for its people.

Agenda 2: Dandenong as the Regional Capital Ensuring central Dandenong continues to develop as the regional capital of the South East. This includes working for the Dandenong CBD to reclaim its place as a vibrant retail hub and commercial centre, promoting a positive image for Dandenong with high quality design and public realm, expanding the range and quality of education, arts, culture, recreation, entertainment and civic facilities to improve the quality of life and provide jobs for people in the rapidly growing South East.

Agenda 3: Transport Infrastructure Dandenong and the South East need significant transport infrastructure improvements to fulfil their economic potential and ensure a strong social fabric and a sustainable environment. These include new road and rail infrastructure, improved links to the Ports of Melbourne and Hastings and Melbourne airport and improved local transport services.

Agenda 4: Social Inclusion, Health and Wellbeing Building an inclusive community and increasing ‘social capital’ is essential for the economic prosperity of Dandenong and South East Melbourne. This includes ensuring everyone can enjoy healthy lives and a sense of wellbeing, participate in education and training, be gainfully employed, engage with and participate in community life, have access to  sustainable transport and a voice in decision-making.


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